prime minister's

research fellows


The Prime Minister's Research Fellows (PMRF) Scheme has been designed for improving the quality of research in various higher educational institutions in the country.

With attractive fellowships, the scheme seeks to attract the best talent into research thereby realizing the vision of development through innovation. The scheme was announced in the Budget 2018-19.


The institutes which can offer PMRF include all the IITs, all the IISERs, Indian Institute of Science, Bengaluru and some of the top Central Universities/NITs that offer science and/or technology degrees.


The candidates will be selected through a rigorous selection process and their performance will be reviewed suitably through a national convention.

PMRF Granting Institutes

Banaras Hindu University
IISc Bangalore
IISER Berhampur
IISER Bhopal
IISER Kolkata
IISER Mohali
IISER Thiruvananthapuram
IISER Tirupati
IIT Bhilai
IIT Bhubaneswar
IIT Bombay
IIT Delhi
IIT Dharwad
IIT(ISM) Dhanbad
IIT Gandhinagar
IIT Guwahati
IIT Hyderabad
IIT Indore
IIT Jodhpur
IIT Kanpur
IIT Kharagpur
IIT Madras
IIT Mandi
IIT Patna
IIT Roorkee
IIT Ropar
IIT Jammu
IIT Palakkad
IIT Tirupati
Jamia Millia Islamia
Jawaharlal Nehru University
National Institute of Technology, Tiruchirappalli
University of Delhi
University of Hyderabad
Aligarh Muslim University


May 2024 Review.

Notification to students regarding the dates. End date: 4-Mar-2024.

Send emails to Institute coordinators. IC can download the May 2024 review scholars list in the PMRF Portal. End date: 3-Apr-2024.

Institute coordinator confirms the PMRF list to be reviewed. End date: 22-Apr-2024.

Submission of documents by PMRF fellows for annual review (Email to be triggered to guides for recommendation letter when the candidate hits the submit button). Start date: 29-Apr-2024. End date: 6-May-2024 6:00 PM.

Auto trigger emails to guides on indication that we are yet to receive the annual progress report of the scholar. Start date: 6-May-2024. End date: 6-May-2024.

Reminders for submission of recommendation letters by Supervisors. End date: 7-May-2024.

Submission of recommendation letters by supervisors of PMRF fellows for annual review. Start date: 29-Apr-2024. End date: 7-May-2024.

PMRFs to submit the presentation in the portal. Start date: 29-Apr-2024. End date: 7-May-2024 6:00 PM.‍
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