(a) At the time of joining, each Fellow shall be given deliverables to be achieved each year. This will be decided by the assigned guide and the department which the fellow is joining.

(b) The deliverables are to be designed keeping in view the topic selected by the fellow.

(c) There shall be an annual review of PMRF fellows. The candidates would continue to avail the fellowship in the next year only if their performance is found satisfactory by the review committee. The review will be a rigorous process, and can be done in the form of a national convention (for each discipline). The nodal institute for the discipline may form multiple expert panels to evaluate the progress of the PMRF fellows. Each such panel can have 3-4 members, with at most 2 members from the host institution.

(d) A PMRF fellow is expected to teach once a week in a neighborhood ITI/Polytechnic/Engineering College/School/NPTEL other than their own PMRF granting institute.PMRFs are free to choose to do TAship in schools, science colleges, polytechnics, engineering colleges- either in online or offline mode.The expectation is to transfer technical knowledge to students from other institutes.

Direct interaction in the offline mode is preferred, but in case that is not feasible, PMRF can also teach online.

It should be ensured that the PMRFs complete the teaching responsibility by interacting with students for ~ 1 hour/week,  which would imply 50 hours per year/ 25 hours per semester. Preparation time is not counted towards the teaching hours described above.

Certification of teaching, attested by the respective authorities in the place where the teaching is carried out, should be submitted during the annual review, for the review period.

PMRFs can do their TAship in schools inside the IITs.

Suggestions for finding your TA work :

B) SFRI - Science for Rural India,
C) Campus School/Other neighbourhood schools.
D) College from which you graduated.
E) Contact from your advisor/co-advisor/HoD/Institute Co-ordinator/Institute Outreach cell/Alumni Office.

(e) If the deliverables are not achieved, the fellowship could be brought down to the institutional fellowship level or even discontinued.