PMRF Symposium 2022 held on 15 January 2022

Welcome Speech
Prof. V. Ramgopal Rao,Director IIT Delhi and Chairperson, PMRF National Coordinator Committee


Address by NCC Members
Directors of some of the other institutions part of National Coordination Committee


Inaugural Address
Prof. VijayRaghavan

Please click here to watch the recording of the single track sessions and Technical Session I.
Please click here to watch the recording of Technical Session II.
Technical Session I
Technical Session II
Chair: Prof. Nishanth N Nair
Chair: Prof. Srabanti Chaudhury
Characteristics turbulatent structures and their formation mechanism within the shear layers at right-angled channel junction.

Abhishek Kumar Pandey, Civil Engineering, IIT Gandhinagar
Cryptanalysis of KECCAK & Algorithms for Lattice problems

Mahesh Sreekumar Rajashree, Computer Science and Engineering, IIT Kanpur
Communication-Constrained Statistical Inference

Aditya Vikram Singh, Electrical Communication Engineering, IISc Bangalore
Optimal Planning of Autonomous Navigation Vehicles in Stochastic, Dynamic Environments

Rohit Chowdhury, Computational and Data Sciences, IISC, Bangalore
Deep Learning in Hyperspectral Remote Sensing

Shivam PandeyCenter of Studies in Resource Engineering, IIT Bombay
Deviant detection and spectral shape selectivity in the mammalian auditory cortex
Adarsh Mukesh, Advanced Technology Development Center, IIT Kharagpur
Head-Harmonics - An alternative to traditional Spherical Harmonics for brain source localization

Amita Giri, Electrical Engineering, IIT Delhi
Structure, Function and Dynamics of Bioactive peptides by NMR Spectroscopy

Adhada Sri Teja, Molecular Biophysics, IISC, Bangalore
Investigation on multistable variable stiffness composites for morphing applications

Anil Kumar P.M., Civil Engineering, IIT Madras
Replication-transcription collisions - an intrinsic trigger of indel mutations?

Anjali Variyar, School of Biology, IISER Tiruvanthapuram
Plenary Talk: Prof. Manindra Agrawal (IIT Kanpur)
Technical Session I continued
Technical Session II continued
Chair: Prof. Jose Immanuel R.
Chair: Prof. Paulraj Rajamani
Integration of Distributed Energy Resources in Power Systems: Potential Challenges and Solutions

Diptak Pal, Electrical Engineering, IIT Delhi
Modelling Mesenchymal Stem Cell Behaviour on Viscoelastic Substrates using principles of Systems Biology

Darshan Shah, Chemical Engineering, IIT Bombay
Phase transitions in collective behaviour of microswimmers

Siddhant Mohapatra, Mechanical Engineering, IIT Madras
Some Studies on Graph Signal Processing with Application to Alzheimer's Disease Detection

Himanshu Pramod Padole, Electrical Engineering, IIT Delhi
Understanding Ecohydrological Systems using Causal Networks

Tejasvi Chauhan, Civil Engineering, IIT Bombay
Tailoring the interface between epoxy and carbon fibre laminated system through self healing routes

Poulami Banerjee, Materials Engineering, IISc Bangalore
Undergoing breast conserving surgery: don’t worry! It’s quick

Priyansha Kaurav, Center for Applied Research in Electronics, IIT Delhi
Inkjet-printed nanostructured electrodes for PEM Fuel cell

Khantesh Agrawal, Chemical Engineering, IISc Bangalore
Thermal conductance measurement in graphene quantum Hall

Saurabh Kumar Srivastav, Physics, IISc Bangalore
Development Of Magnetometry Based Single-Neuron-Resolution Functional Imaging

Madhur Parashar, Medical Science and Technology, IIT Kharagpur
Chair: Prof. Mousumi Mutsuddi
Chair: Prof. Neetu Singh
Uncertainty Quantification and Propagation for the Seismic Life Cycle Cost Analysis of Reinforced Concrete Buildings

Rayjada Satwik Pankajkumar, Civil Engineering, IIT Bombay
3D Printing of polymers for biomedical applications: Engineering biliary stents

Saswat Choudhury, Biosystem Science and engineering, IISc Bangalore
Reliability of GaN High Electron Mobility Transistors

Jaya Jha, Electrical Engineering, IIT Bombay
Investigation of bifurcation characteristics in suddenly expanding confined jets and the development of a novel fluidic mixing nozzle.

Sivaprasad G, Aerospace Engineering, IIT Madras
Role of strategic cooperation in building viable economies of cognitive radio networks

Washim Uddin Mondal ,Telecommunications Systems and Networks, IIT Kharagpur
Elucidation of fluid dynamics of bacterial movements in natural body fluids and its relation to pathogenesis.

Amey Nitin Agharkar, Interdisciplinary Center for Energy Research, IISc Bangalore
Wave Energy Harvesting for the Indian Coast

V.V.S. Sricharan, Ocean Engineering, IIT Madras
Closing Remarks, Prof. Amit Kumar (PMRF National coordinator)
Technical Session III will display posters and videos by other PMRF Fellows all day