Commendable Research By PMRFs

05-Biomedical  Engineering, Biological Sciences, Agricultural Sciences

The following would be the fellowship for the PMRFs:

Year 1 : Rs. 70,000
Year 2 : Rs. 70,000
Year 3 : Rs. 75,000
Year 4 : Rs. 80,000
Year 5 : Rs. 80,000

Apart from this, each Fellow would be eligible for a research grant of Rs. 2 Lakhs per year (total of Rs 10 Lakhs for five years).

The tenure of fellowship will be till the end of the 4th year of PhD for students from integrated courses and till the end of the 5th year of PhD for B.Tech. (or equivalent) students. For students selected through the lateral entry channel, the PMRF scholarship and obligations will continue only for the remainder of the student’s stay in the doctoral program. No retrospective payment will be made.

Industry participation in the PMRF program would be explored through CSR funding or otherwise to enable industry to sponsor Fellows.
Amrita  Arpita Padhy  

University of  Hyderabad  

Unravel the  journey of PMRF scholar Amrita: her path of perseverance
Ankit  Halder  

IIT Bombay  

Unravelling the  Path of Research towards better understanding of Brain tumor
Deepak  Khushalani  

IIT Kanpur  

Mapping  lysosomal transport with Superresolution Microscopy
Anjali  Variyar  

IISER  Thiruvananthapuram  

Studying genome  stability at the crossroads of DNA replication and transcription
Sakshi  Gupta  

IISc Bangalore  

The RNA  Enthusiast
Isaac  Cherian  

Jawaharlal Nehru  University  

Unravelling GPI  biosynthesis; the transamidase story
Awantika  Shah  

IISc Bangalore  

Decrypting the  Cryptic pathogenesis
Anjali  Kumari Singh

IISER Tirupati  

From Repeat  Offenders to Repeat Benefactors: Proteins with amino acid homorepeats have  spatio-temporal context-dependent physiological roles.
Mohammed  Aamir Sadiq  

IISc Bangalore  

To callor not  to call: Persistence of Alternative Reproductive Tactics in a tree cricket
Thirukumaran  K  

IIT Guwahati  

Multiplex  Modulation of EMT and Metabolic Circuits
Surasree  Pal  

IIT Kharagpur  

Hold my DNA  & don't be (REpliCation) stressed !
Sonam Pahuja  

University of  Delhi  

Investigating  K+ sensing & signaling machinery by targeting calcium-associated kinases  in rice
Shachee  Swaraj  

IISc Bangalore  

Virus Alert!!!!  Impatient IRF3's First Aid Response Double Crossing Interferon.
Shivam  Singh  

IIT Madras  

Molecular  GENEious
Aratrika  De  

IIT Kharagpur  

The zoonoses  question for bat-influenza viruses: characterizing adaptive potential of  viral replication machinery