Commendable Research By PMRFs

04-Computer  Science & Engineering, Data Science, Mathematics

The following would be the fellowship for the PMRFs:

Year 1 : Rs. 70,000
Year 2 : Rs. 70,000
Year 3 : Rs. 75,000
Year 4 : Rs. 80,000
Year 5 : Rs. 80,000

Apart from this, each Fellow would be eligible for a research grant of Rs. 2 Lakhs per year (total of Rs 10 Lakhs for five years).

The tenure of fellowship will be till the end of the 4th year of PhD for students from integrated courses and till the end of the 5th year of PhD for B.Tech. (or equivalent) students. For students selected through the lateral entry channel, the PMRF scholarship and obligations will continue only for the remainder of the student’s stay in the doctoral program. No retrospective payment will be made.

Industry participation in the PMRF program would be explored through CSR funding or otherwise to enable industry to sponsor Fellows.
G.S.M.Rishikesh  Reddy
IISc  Bangalore
When  quantum physics met combinatorics
Anand  Krishna
IISc  Bangalore
Anand  Krishna : Doctoral Researcher
Jawalkar  Neha Prashant
IISc  Bangalore
Accelerating  the performance of accelerators