Commendable Research By PMRFs

01-Civil Engineering, Earth Science, Architecture, Ocean and Naval Engg

The following would be the fellowship for the PMRFs:

Year 1 : Rs. 70,000
Year 2 : Rs. 70,000
Year 3 : Rs. 75,000
Year 4 : Rs. 80,000
Year 5 : Rs. 80,000

Apart from this, each Fellow would be eligible for a research grant of Rs. 2 Lakhs per year (total of Rs 10 Lakhs for five years).

The tenure of fellowship will be till the end of the 4th year of PhD for students from integrated courses and till the end of the 5th year of PhD for B.Tech. (or equivalent) students. For students selected through the lateral entry channel, the PMRF scholarship and obligations will continue only for the remainder of the student’s stay in the doctoral program. No retrospective payment will be made.

Industry participation in the PMRF program would be explored through CSR funding or otherwise to enable industry to sponsor Fellows.
Name: Gorugantula  Sai Srinivas
IIT  Hyderabad
Title: Click  on GRACEous Water
Name: Pratik  Patra
IIT  Delhi
Title: Shake  It Up! Engineering Earthquake-Resistant Structures
Name: Aashi  Kansal
IIT  Roorkee
Title: Simu-ROM
Name: Selvam  M
IIT  Madras
Title: Roller  Compacted Concrete Pavements-Future of Indian Highways
Name: Akshay  Kumar
IIT  Kanpur
Augmented  Reliability Methodologies for Analyzing Reliability of Rock Structures with  Limited Data
Name: Naveed  Ul Hassan Bhat
IIT  Kanpur
Slides  and Surges
Name: Jeslu  Celine Jacob
IIT  Kharagpur
Occupant  Centric Micro-Zonal Conditioning: Reimagining energy-efficient cooling  through parameter tuning and optimization
IIT  Kharagpur
Ecosystem  Services of Coastal Wetlands
Name: Kompella  Siva Santhosh Sai Srujan
IIT  Delhi
Dynamical  linkage between West Pacific tropical cyclones and Indian monsoon  depressions
Name: Manoj  Kumar S
IIT  Roorkee
Thermal  stress induced occupant response